#TakeAction – April 30, 2020

#TakeAction Thursday to join May Day Action to Unite Us All for a People’s Bailout.

🔶 May Day Action to Unite Us All for a People’s Bailout

On May Day – Friday, May 1, 2020 – we are coming together to make some noise and tell our stories, in solidarity with one another, and to unite our individual fights into a shared struggle.:

1. Take Action as an Individual or Family:

• Join the #PeoplesBailout Live Stream Rally at 11 a.m. PDT Friday. We’ll be broadcasting live from this page. Be ready to make some noise! https://thepeoplesbailout.org/mayday
• Make a sign or poster and hang it outside your window! Let your neighbors know what a #PeoplesBailout means to you.
• Share a picture or video of you and your family talking about what you want to see from a #PeoplesBailout. Don’t forget to include the hashtag and demand action by tagging your representative and President Trump.
• Boycott big businesses that are refusing to support workers, like Amazon, Target, and Whole Foods. Consider finding ways to support small businesses instead.

2. Organize a Collective Action (this is where we shine!):

• Form a car caravan with friends and neighbors. Focus on making a demand around an issue that matters to your community, be it canceling rent, halting student loan payments, or putting food on the table. Create posters, banners, or decorate the outside of your car and go on parade through your neighborhood, or to visit local legislators or other decision makers whose actions are hurting your community.
• Create a large banner to display in a visible location demanding action. Banners can be made with paint and large cloth or plastic sheets. Consider connecting with some friends to display them on freeway overpasses, symbolic sites in urban centers (think: Times Square), or other places where people will be likely to see them.
• Design another creative action of your own choosing and drop us an email letting us know what you did. The Ruckus Society and Blackout Collective have put together a helpful slideshow and handout on key tactics to use during a time of physical distancing, which we encourage all event hosts to check out. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at some of the other creative tactics documented by Beautiful Rising.

o People’s Bailout: https://thepeoplesbailout.org/mayday
o Email: thepeoplesbailout2020@gmail.com
o The Ruckus Society: https://ruckus.org/
o Blackout Collective: https://blackoutcollective.org/
o Slideshow: https://docs.google.com/…/2PACX-1vSM2LZcy1gqaQcB_3BX9L…/pub…
o Handout: https://blackoutcollective.org/…/COVID-19-Actions-2pager.pdf
o Beautiful Rising: https://beautifulrising.org/type/tactic

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