#TakeAction – February 18, 2020

We need to get some bills passed on the Senate floor by Wednesday so they can move on to the House. #TakeAction, call your WA Senator today to pass these bills.

🔶 Establish Firearm Violence Prevention Office
🔶 Restore Voter Eligibility
🔶 Restrict Private Prisons
🔶 Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Support SB 6288 – Office of firearm violence prevention; SB 6228 – Restoring voter eligibility for all persons convicted of a felony; SB 6442 – Concerning Private Prisons; SB 6628 – Concerning Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

Call your WA Senator, urge them to vote to pass SB 6288, SB 6228, SB 6442 and 6628 on the Senate floor:

• Please vote “yes” for SB 6288. This bill creates the Office of Firearm Violence Prevention, a much-needed entity in WA state. Firearm violence is on the rise in our state, and this office will provide a central hub for research, services, and implementation strategies for reducing gun violence.

• Also, I ask you to vote for SB 6228 – Restoring Voting Rights. Not only is the freedom to vote fundamental to our democracy, it is an important component of successful re-entry into society for those who have been imprisoned, which is why SB 6228 is supported by law enforcement agencies as well as civil rights groups.

• Please vote for SB 6442 – Concerning Private Prisons. For-profit facilities should not be responsible for running these institutions. Due to their focus on operational costs, they are encouraged to cut corners, affecting inmates’ safety and quality of living.

• Finally, please vote “yes” for SB 6628 – Concerning Emissions of Greenhouse Gases. This bill gives WA the basic authority to require pollution reduction from fossil fuel producers and distributors, which the State Supreme Court recently found the state does not yet have.

These are important bills and deserve a vote on the floor of the Senate! Thank you.

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]”.

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