#TakeAction – January 6, 2020


Hey team, happy birthday! Three years ago today I created this Facebook group, not knowing if anyone would join. I stepped into the abyss, hoping I could do something – anything – to deal with the hopelessness I felt after Trump was elected.

Fast forward three years… what a ride it’s been. In so many ways its been so much worse than I ever imagined, but in some very important ways, it’s been something for which I am tremendously grateful. This community, this TEAM has sustained me during some difficult times.

Not only that, but we have really kicked some butt! I’m incredibly proud of our accomplishments and hard work. We helped kick our Republican Congressman out of office and helped make WA8 part of the beautiful big blue wave in 2018. Trump has been impeached, forever an asterisk. We have resisted Trump through our collective efforts and had a very meaningful impact.

There’s no doubt that this year will be tough. I need to ask for your commitment… Are you all in to #DoTheWork to restore our democracy and ensure we resist and defeat Trump?

One more year, team. We got this.

We have two events coming up:

To #TakeAction today, please call our Senators and demand that they push for a fair and open impeachment trial in the Senate. More info from Indivisible on this: https://indivisible.org/demand-your-senators-support-fair-and-open-impeachment-trial

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree and outdoor, possible text that says 'Our 1st rally in Dave Reichert's parking lot. Jan 17, 2017. He had no idea what was about to happen, did he?'

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