#TakeAction – September 18, 2019

Hello! It’s Wednesday and another day of #TakeAction. Thank you for all you do.

*Reminder* that we have a new type of event this Sunday, “Post Canvass Convo” 4PM at the Rogue Brewhouse in Issaquah. This is a chance to share “stories from the road.”

🔶For TakeAction, please make comments in opposition to Trump’s efforts to take away food stamps from millions of low-income Americans.

Let the Dept. of Agriculture know that you oppose this awful proposed rule, by registering a comment in opposition to it in any one or more of three ways: ·

  • Submit a comment in opposition at www.regulations.gov. FNS-2018-0037
  • Mail you comment in opposition to Program Design Branch, Program Development Division, Food and Nutrition Service, USDA, 3101 Park Center Dr., Alexandria, VA 22302; or
  • Email your comment in opposition to SNAPPDBRules@usda.gov. Include Docket ID No. [FNS-2018-0037], “Revision of Categorical Eligibility in the SNAP,” in the subject line.

Have a great day!

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