#TakeAction – May 28, 2019

Good morning. Let’s #TakeAction for Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

🔶 Call Senators Murray and Cantwell and ask them to oppose Ryan T. Holte’s nomination to be a Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims:

Background: Ryan T. Holte has been nominated for a 15-year appointment to the Federal Court of Claims, which handles claims against the U.S. government. Trump has been using this little-known court as a plum assignment for young, unqualified right-wing radicals. The starting salary is $208,000 per year, with generous federal benefits. Holte is unqualified for this judgeship or any other federal judgeship. Holte is 34 years old, with less than 3 years of litigation experience done early in his career. He fails to meet the ABA minimum requirement of 12 years of experience for a federal judge. He has never tried a case to completion. Currently an associate law professor and counsel to an engineering firm with specialty in intellectual property, Holte focuses on private sector disputes, not government infringement cases as done in the Court of Claims. Holte’s main qualification seems to be his membership in the Federalist Society and the right-wing Teneo Network, whose connections include a hate group and the Koch brothers, who are well-known donors to ultraconservative candidates and causes.

Source: Indivisible East Bay: https://indivisibleeb.org/…/monitoring-nomin…/vote-no-holte/

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