#TakeAction – May 14, 2020

#TakeAction Thursday to support a bailout by and for The People.

🔶 Support a People’s Bailout, not the current House bill

Representatives pledge not to vote for this COVID relief bill until it prioritizes people first

Date: The House likely will vote on Speaker Pelosi’s COVID relief bill Friday, 15 May.

Action: Every Member of Congress should pledge to vote NO for any COVID relief bill that doesn’t cover these four principals: keep people on payrolls; protect public health; provide financial relief; defend elections. The bill the House will vote on Friday STILL doesn’t go far enough.

Call your Representative to oppose the current bill until it fixes the following:

• This bill doesn’t end mass unemployment and it doesn’t get paychecks back into workers’ pockets. It MUST include the Paycheck Guarantee Act!
• This bill does not ensure affordable health care for everyone.
• This bill doesn’t tie funding to the basic public health guidelines required to allow business owners to avoid closing permanently without jeopardizing the well-being of their workers.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RepJayapal/status/1260360395044290560
Indivisible: https://act.newmode.net/…/indivis…/call-your-member-congress
Indivisible: https://www.peoplesagendapledge.org/indivisible/

The People's Agenda Pledge: COVID-19 response plan.

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