#TakeAction – April 29, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all staying healthy. Here is how you can #TakeAction today, April 29th:

🔶 Share #PeoplesBailout principles on social media
🔶 Demand more money for Coronavirus testing

1) Action: Share the “People’s Bailout” Principles on social media

Indivisible is asking for a People’s Bailout, but not everyone knows what that means. Grab some free graphics from https://thepeoplesbailout.org/social-toolkit?source=indivisible and share some on your Facebook, Instagram, or twitter this week. Make sure to include the #PeoplesBailout hashtag

2) Action: Demand more Money for Coronavirus Testing

Tell members of Congress that the last coronavirus relief bill was just a down payment on what we need for testing. Reopening the economy depends on implementing rigorous test, trace, and isolate procedures in every state. The first step is testing. Economist Paul Romer lobbied to start with an investment of $50 Billion dollars (about the size of the US soda market) to build the testing infrastructure we need. Congress only gave $25 Billion. Keep telling Congress that we need more money for testing to ensure we can come out of our homes into healthy and safe businesses, government offices, and public spaces.

**CALENDAR**We are posting more and more events (both for our group and outside of it) on our calendar. Check it out! http://www.indivisible-wa8.com/calendar/

**EMAIL**Friends not on FB and want to join our efforts? Sign up for email: http://eepurl.com/cChJwD

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