#TakeAction – March 19, 2020

#TakeAction to ask our Senators to begin work on the next round of Coronavirus relief legislation. Urge them to insist any legislation include requirements for corporations to protect employees instead of wealthy CEOs and shareholders.

🔶 Use taxpayer dollars wisely for Coronavirus bailout

Action: Call Senators Murray and Cantwell. Ask them to ensure the Coronavirus economic stimulus legislation Congress takes up next includes protections outlined by Senator Warren. For extra credit, call Congresswoman Schrier’s Issaquah office while she’s in the District and give her the same message:

We must ensure that any Coronavirus economic stimulus legislation passed by Congress includes the following protections to ensure our taxpayer dollars are used wisely:

  • Companies must maintain their payrolls and use funds to keep people working or on payroll
  • Companies must provide a $15 minimum wage within one year of the national emergency declaration ending
  • Companies are permanently prohibited from engaging in share repurchases
  • Companies are prohibited from paying out dividends or executive bonuses while they are receiving any relief and for three years thereafter
  • Companies must set aside at least one seat, and more seats as the amount of relief increases, on the board of directors for representatives elected by workers
  • Collective bargaining agreements should remain in place and should not be reopened or renegotiated pursuant to this relief program
  • Corporations must obtain shareholder and board approval for all political expenditures
  • Congress set up an oversight body with real funding & subpoena power to provide real accountability that these conditions are met.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SenWarren/status/1240030852182130695
NBC: https://www.nbc-2.com/…/elizabeth-warren-has-a-list-of-dema…

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