#TakeAction – March 2, 2020

Happy Monday – Tomorrow is Super Tuesday! Here is how you can #TakeAction today, March 2nd!

🔹-Support HB 1110: Clean Fuels: Transportation Appropriations (Steve is testifying this afternoon, so please call this morning.)

🔹 #TakeAction 2 – Defund Attorney General Bill Barr

#TakeAction 1 – These bills must pass out of the Senate Transportation Committee on Monday afternoon!Action:Please call AND email YOUR SENATOR on the Transportation Committee: Hans Zeiger (LD25); Steve O’Ban (LD28): Claire Wilson (LD30); Phil Fortunato (LD31); Mona Das (LD47).

If your Senator is not on the Transportation Committee, call AND email the Chair Steve Hobbs and Vice-Chair Rebecca Saldaña. Urge them to support HB 1110 and HB 2322 at the Committee’s final meeting on Monday afternoon, March 2.

Background:The biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions is from the transportation sector. HB 1110 proposes to phase in low carbon fuels, similar to legislation already successfully underway in California, Oregon, and British Columbia. In 2019 it failed to pass the Senate Transportation Committee. The Chair of Senate Transportation Committee Steve Hobbs and Senator Dean Takko, both Democrats, have voted with the Republicans against some energy bills. Hobbs abstained on HB 1110 in the Senate Environment, Energy and Technology Committee.

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#TakeAction 2 – Defund Attorney General Bill Barr· Action:· Call our Members of Congress, demand they support investigations into Attorney General Bill Barr, and support defunding Barr’s office until all Trump appointees at DOJ recuse themselves from all Trump-related investigations:

Background:· The Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, personally intervened to try to score a lighter sentence for Roger Stone, the deeply corrupt former campaign adviser to Donald Trump. The Department of Justice is not a private law firm. The Attorney General is not the president’s personal lawyer. The Attorney General and the Department of Justice are supposed to represent the interests of the United States, not the personal interests of Donald Trump. Bill Barr is exploiting his position to run favors for the president.

Bill Barr has no business serving as the Attorney General of the United States, but booting him out of office will be next to impossible.

Source:· Indivisible: https://indivisible.org/resource/its-time-defund-attorney-general-bill-barr

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