#TakeAction – February 4, 2020

No one is coming to save us. We must be the change we are looking for.
So, here’s some change you can sink your teeth into:

#TakeAction to repay nine key Republican senators for enabling Trump’s abuse of office and corruption. Then call your WA Senator or the Committee Chair on the State Government Committee about eliminating misleading advisory votes from our ballots.

🔶 Support Indivisible National’s “Payback Project”
🔶 Support SB 6610 – Get Rid of Advisory Votes

1. The Senate has decided to wrap up its impeachment coverup by formally declining to hear any witnesses or read any documents. Indivisible National is targeting nine of Trump’s most loyal Senate supporters for ‘payback’:

• Martha McSally, AZ
• Cory Gardner, CO
• David Perdue, GA
• Joni Ernst, IA
• Mitch McConnell, KY
• Susan Collins, ME
• Thom Tillis, NC
• Lindsey Graham, SC
• John Cornyn, TX

Visit www.paybackproject.org to volunteer to text voters or to donate to the cause.

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2. Call your WA Senator on the State Government, Tribal Relations & Election Committee: Bob Hasegawa (LD11); Brad Hawkins (LD12); Hans Zeiger (LD25). If they are not your senator call the Committee Chair Sam Hunt. Urge them to vote in their committee to approve SB 6610 – Get Rid of Advisory Votes. See Comments.

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