#TakeAction – January 28, 2020

Pressure is building on Republican Senators to vote to hear impeachment witnesses. For today’s #TakeAction let’s turn the pressure up to 11! Indivisible HubDialer is back and ready to connect swing state voters to their vulnerable Senators!! When you’re finished, call your WA Rep. on the Civil Rights Committee about restricting gun ownership.

🔶 Connect swing state voters to vulnerable Senators, demand a fair impeachment trial
🔶 Support HB 2623 – Prohibiting possession of firearms

1. Back by popular demand, Indivisible is reactivating their Hubdialer program. They’re asking you to call voters in 13 key swing states and ask them to turn up the pressure on their Senators. It’s simple!

Sign up to make some calls connecting voters to senators to demand a complete and fair impeachment trial here: https://act.indivisible.org/signup/impeachment-senate-calls/

2. Call your WA Representative on the Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee: Alex Ybarra (LD13); Christine Kilduff (LD28); Morgan Irwin (LD31); Tina Orwall (LD33); My-Linh Thai (LD41); Roger Goodman (LD45). Urge them to vote in their committee to approve HB 2623 – Prohibiting possession of firearms.

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