#TakeAction – January 22, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Here is how you can #TakeAction today, January 22nd:

🔶Limit high capacity magazines in WA
🔶 Ask our Senators to support fair and open impeachment trial

1) Action: Call WA Senator Manka Dhingra on the Law & Justice Committee. Ask her to vote Senate Bill 6077 (Limiting High Capacity Magazines) out of her committee.

Background: SB 6077: Limiting high-capacity magazines limits the number of deaths and injuries that a mass shooter can cause by providing a critical opportunity to intervene once a mass shooting has begun. The WA Senate Law & Justice Committee will hear this bill on Thursday 1/23 at 10 a.m.

2) Action: Ask our Senators to support fair and open impeachment trialCall your Senators, ask Senator Murray / Senator Cantwell to speak out loudly and firmly about the need for a fair and open impeachment trial in the Senate with testimony from firsthand witnesses and evidence from newly found documents: https://indivisible.org/demand-your-senators-support-fair-and-open-impeachment-trial

Image may contain: 1 woman holding protest sign with text: "We need a trial we can have faith in. Let's hear the witnesses!"

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