#TakeAction – September 24, 2019


Hey team, for today’s #TakeAction it’s important that everyone call Kim Schrier’s DC office this morning and let her know we support her call for impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi has called a meeting of the House Dems at 1PM our time. All of the reps across the country need to feel the pressure/support for impeachment from their constituents across the country.

The news of this last week is appalling. The day after Trump felt he was exonerated by Mueller’s testimony in July, he called the President of Ukraine and asked him to investigate Biden, a political rival. (He was also holding back Congress-appointed funding for Ukrainian military support as leverage.)

This is not ok. We all know that this is basically take two of what happened in 2016, and WE ARE NOT HERE FOR IT.

Kim Schrier stepped forward in August to support impeachment. She needs to feel our support.

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