#TakeAction – September 23, 2019

Good morning! Welcome to another week of saving our democracy from Trump.
We have an important #TakeAction today, deadline is tonight to respond.

🔶 Post your comments in opposition to ICE’s “expedited removal” power expansion.

ICE has the power of “expedited removal” within 100 miles of the US land borders. Within this region, ICE agents can command any person in public, or in any place they’re let into, to show their identification and if they don’t prove to the agents’ satisfaction that they’re a citizen or lawfully present, ICE can deport them immediately, without so much as an immigration court hearing. Trump wants to expand this power nationwide.

Post your comments in opposition by 9PM today. https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=DHS-2019-0036-0001.

I was horrified recently to see a CBP vehicle at my local Starbucks. This is so scary for the most vulnerable among us. Let’s fight back.

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