#TakeAction – September 13, 2019

Hey team, there’s one last chance for you to call our MoC’s (Members of Congress) as part of our week of #DefundHate. (Did you know that we are part of a nationally coordinated network of Indivisible groups that takes the same actions across the nation? Imagine the power we have when we are all coordinated!)

Please call our elected officials. The ask is simple: Cut funding to ICE and CBP so that they have less ability to treat immigrants inhumanely. We worked to get this Congress elected, now let’s tell them what we expect.

Also, sharing the results from last night’s Indivisible post-debate flash poll. Folks across the country opted in to a quick poll that came in right after the debate was finished. Do you see your opinion reflected there?

#TakeAction – call our MoC’s today!

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