#TakeAction – August 26, 2019

Good morning! It’s sunny! I hope you have a great week. Here’s our #TakeAction post. First of all, though, I wanted to share two things:

  1. I had the chance to see Elizabeth Warren yesterday and get a picture with her. I mentioned that I had founded an Indivisible group. She said, “I am so grateful for Indivisible. You guys kept the lights on when we all thought they were going out.” I’m so proud of this. Take this into your heart on this Monday and have hope.
  2. On the hope note.. take a minute to play this song from the summer 2019 Obama’s playlist, released this weekend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE08EFwKyLA

Here are some things you can do to protect our democracy this week:

  • Stay tuned for our #DefundHate events the week of 9/7. Very exciting plans. We will be joining with Indivisible groups all across the country to ask our MoC’s to cut funding for ICE and CBP. In the meantime, read this information from Indivisible: https://indivisible.org/resource/defund-hate-toolkit
  • Sign up for a canvass this weekend to support local candidates. Here’s why it’s so important: 65% of what impacts our daily lives happens at the local level. Those of us on the left kind of fell asleep at the wheel on this front over the last couple decades. We need to make up time. Are you in? Stay tuned for Carol‘s post tomorrow, which will lay out the weekend’s canvasses. Here’s something.. one of our school board candidates is running against a Proud Boy. 😠😠 #DoTheWork
  • Mark your calendar for our Debate + Defund Hate Party. 9/12 at Blakely Hall in Issaquah. We’ll be watching the 2020 Dem Debate and also taking actions to #DefundHate. (Event will be posted soon.)
  • RSVP for the Seattle Climate Strike, Friday 9/20 at Cal Anderson Park https://www.facebook.com/events/724142398026618/

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