#TakeAction – July 11, 2019

Let’s continue to #TakeAction to stand up for immigrants coming to America.

🔶 Hold our MoCs accountable for funding Trump’s deportation machine
🔶 Ask Congresswoman Schrier to attend Lights for Liberty tomorrow

1. (ACTION) Call Congresswoman Schrier and Senators Murray & Cantwell, tell them you are extremely disappointed in their votes for the Department of Homeland Security supplemental appropriation.

Two weeks ago Congresswoman Schrier, Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell made a choice to stand with Trump and against our immigrant communities by voting to fund Trump’s inhumane immigration machine. Migrant children are being subjected to horrendous conditions at detention centers across the country. Trump and the GOP decided to exploit these children further by using them as a political weapon to get more funding for DHS. Trump claimed he could not make the conditions better for the children without more money. The Progressive Caucus in the House wanted specific language included in the bill to force money to get to the children in need, as well as language to prevent the money being diverted to ICE. They crafted legislation so the funds could only be used to make conditions better for children. But without support from Senate Democrats the House had no leverage to negotiate. The Senate plan was brought to the floor of the House with zero input from the House Democrats and passed with more support coming from the GOP than Democrats.

Indivisible: https://www.seattleindivisible.com/…/our-senators-chose-to-…

2. (ACTION) If you haven’t done so already, call Congresswoman Schrier to ask her to support immigrants by attending a Lights for Liberty event this Friday evening.

We’re posting many events for our group and others on our calendar. Check it out! http://www.indivisible-wa8.com/calendar/

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