#TakeAction – June 24, 2019

Good morning!

Welcome to another week of making a difference. But first… where did the sun go? ☀️
I had a great weekend of organizing, plenty of opportunities for us to work for our community and our country.

Here’s how you can #TakeAction today.

🔶 Call Kim Schrier – no funding for ICE, support impeachment
🔶 July 12th event – Take the lead for our team

1.(ACTION) Call Rep Schrier with two messages today: No supplemental funding request for ICE so that they can separate more families, and ask her to join the 79 other House members in publicly supporting an impeachment inquiry. Call today.

2.(ACTION) We need someone to help organize the July 12th event on behalf of our team. This is the Lights for Liberty event ( https://www.lightsforliberty.org/?fbclid=IwAR1_DxdlxNoqVosNi-kKNcBpSkHMMX2EG3xT4DlTFnjjrhDZxEGYvboaEK0 ).
I would love to see us join with other groups on the Eastside to organize this.

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