#TakeAction – June 10, 2019

Hey everyone! It’s Monday and another week of opportunity to take our country back from Trump.

I was slacking off this weekend (visiting family) but I was so heartened to see everyone at the Moms Demand Wear Orange events and representing at the different festivals. My accomplishment for the weekend was to have a discussion about the need to start an impeachment investigation with my mom. Thank you for whatever small (or big!) actions you took last week to fight for our country.

Let’s begin this week with a pep talk from Elizabeth Warren. The other thing you can do is..

🔶 Ask Rep Schrier to vote yes on subpoena-enforcing resolution.

We’ve seen the Trump administration ignore all of our laws, norms and traditions. Res 430 will authorize the House Judiciary to enforce their subpoenas on William Barr and Don McGahn (and future witnesses).

The Trump Administration is ignoring and stonewalling over 20 Congressional investigations, and the only consequence so far has been receiving a sternly worded letter from Congress. HR 430 is a critical vote to ensure the House begins using its authority to hold witnesses who ignore subpoenas in contempt.


Call today! Vote could come tomorrow.

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