#TakeAction – June 6, 2019

Good morning. Let’s #TakeAction for Thursday, June 6, 2019.

🔶 Call our MoCs and tell them to fight back against tariffs to protect Washington State farmers.

Trump’s arbitrary tariffs have done serious damage to Washington State farmers and to farmers all over the U.S. Recently the Seattle Times reported that tariffs imposed by the Trump administration have disrupted stable trade agreements between farmers and overseas markets. Those buyers don’t want to go elsewhere, but under tariff restrictions, they do; worse, it’s difficult for buyers to return even if tariffs are dropped later because they’ve had to invest significantly in logistics for new trading arrangements.

Farming is one of the most difficult occupations, physically and financially. Farm yields are subject to the uncertainties of weather, price fluctuations, and other natural and man-made influences. We can’t afford to allow the Trump administration to bring down our Washington State economy and further financial hardships for farmers here in Washington and in other states across the U.S. Last year sales of frozen potatoes to Mexico were cut by more than 25% due to newly imposed tariffs. China, a huge importer of Washington State crops, is expected to drop their purchases dramatically if new Trump-imposed tariffs go into place.

Farmers deserve relief from these incredibly disruptive actions. Trump has attempted to patch over the destruction with farm aid proposals, but not even Republicans are swallowing the bait. Concerned about the 2020 election, Republican lawmakers are starting to press Trump to repeal tariffs.

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